Alongside all of the artists affected by tour cancellations and the current quarantine conditions, we can’t forget about the team members that keep the music industry alive through their hard work! You wouldn’t have the live shows, music videos, albums, and everything you love about music if it weren’t for the people below. Please consider donating if you can!

Brittany Farhat is the mastermind behind Brittpaperscissors. Music video director, content producer, pin/patch maker… the list goes on. If you’d like to support Britt, you can check out the BPS store for pins, patches, photo prints, and more! (and be sure to follow on Instagram too!)

Vanessa Denham is an artist manager and a photographer. Plus, she’s also a pro at design (so if you ever need a logo, she’s the one to call!) If you’d like to support Vanessa, you can donate to her here.

Jess George is… many things. She works in production, ops, merch, VIP, event management… she can do it all. Plus she’s part of the team at Girls Behind The Rock Show! If you’d like to support Jess, you can donate to her here.

Lou Olson is another member of the Girls Behind The Rock Show team! She’s a VIP coordinator, merch manager, production assistant, and tour manager. If you’d like to support Lou, you can donate to her here.

Celeste Brunner works in FOH, merch management, and as a house manager. We wouldn’t even like to think about what shows would be like if she wasn’t there to keep things under control! If you’d like to support Celeste, you can donate to her here.

this page is under construction, more coming soon!